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Computer problems? Grown to the point where a more centralized, reliable and secure computing environment is needed? Xinc IT can help.

Perhaps your existing information technology infrastructure is working well but the knowledgeable employee who has been fixing problems and administrating would be better deployed on the company's core business. Hiring a dedicated full-time IT employee to resolve these issues is often not justifiable.

Our business is to provide cost-effective professional information technology services and solutions to small and mid-sized businesses in Ottawa and the surrounding areas.

Xinc IT can provide general support for your desktop and laptop computers. We can install, support and maintain your network and server, ensuring they are hardened against e-mail, spam, virus attacks and other security intrusions. We can set up and monitor your data back-ups. We can also show you how some of the advanced Windows features that you have paid for, but may not be using, could benefit your business.

Outsourcing to Xinc IT provides access to specialized IT skills either on an "as-needed" basis, or with a service contract. Peaks in demand such as server upgrades or technical problem resolution can be resolved with a phone call.

To find out how Xinc IT can help you, contact us for a no-charge IT infrastructure checkup. We will provide you with advice on how to improve your network and data security, reliability and return on investment.

We will demonstrate why making Xinc IT your information technology partner would be an excellent business decision.

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